Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The idea for this came to me when I read Stella Morabito's brilliant post about the nature of Free Speech, and how the Leftists/Progressives had mobilized to systemically destroy it.

Too often, the Internet is plagued by two opposing enemies of the truth:

  • Those who work to repress Free Speech - the Leftist/Progressive alliance that are quick to shame those who would speak unacceptable truths, labeling them (H8r, Racist, Homophobe)
  • Those who claim to support Free Speech, but use it to spread conspiracy theories, Racial/Sexual/Ethnic slurs, and other time-wasting and counter-productive bits of idiocy
The concept that you have some obligation to seek the actual truth of complicated issues/history/breaking news is apparently beyond both of the above.

This new blog is dedicated to the idea that:
  • The truth is the truth, however inconvenient that may be for your agenda
  • Speaking out is important
  • Truth-tellers should be honored, whether or not you agree with their politics
Feel free to send me links, leads, and stories that should be written about here.